Tom Yum Goong

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Tom Yum is a world-famous Thai dish that has a full flavour that is sour, salty, spicy and slightly sweet.

There are 2 types of Tom Yum.

  • Tom Yum (clear water) is the original recipe of Tom Yum. In the past was often cooked without milk or coconut milk and often simply cooked with water in.

 The main ingredients were meat such as frogs, snakehead fish, chicken, shrimp etc. and the main spices are lemongrass, kaffir lime leaves, chillies, both fresh
and dried galangal.

  • Tom Yum Nam Kham (thick soup) is understood to be the original version of

Tom Yum. But in truth, it's just a development from Tom Yum clear water. This is because beginning during the reign of King Rama 6 during his visit to the Sam Yan neighbourhood there were some Chinese people that made tom yum goong with milk as thick water and he liked it and it took off from there.