Parawan's Thai cooking classes on Koh Tao

 Koh Tao is the next island along from Koh Phangan in the Koh Samui archipelago and I'd love it if you are on Ko Tao if you came and took a cooking course with me at my home Thai Cooking School on the roof of my house.  If you aren't coming to Koh Tao then that's no problem either as you can take an online Cooking class with me from your own home. 

Roof top Thai Cooking School Koh Tao  When I first opened my Thai cooking school and started teaching people how to make their favourite Thai foods, I started off just using the kitchen in my house.  This meant that I could only really teach small groups of people, usually just one of two people at a time with a maximum of four people in a class, as there really wasn't the space in my kitchen to teach cooking courses for more people than that. 

 So I then decided to convert the roof space of my house into a purpose-built area for my Thai cooking classes on Ko Tao.  Here I can comfortably teach up to 6 people in a class, with each person having their own prep area and cooking station as you can see in the picture (click it to enlarge). 

So if you would like to learn how to make Pad Thai, Spring Rolls, Tom Yum Soup, Thai Green Curry, Massaman Curry or any of your favourite delicious Thai foods then book in for a lesson either online or in person.


Parawan Thai Cooking Class Koh Tao

   I'm Parawan, I teach my cooking courses at my home on Koh Tao as well as offer virtual cooking classes where you can learn to cook Thai food with my private one on one online lessons. 

I'm originally from the northeast of Thailand in Kalasin, I studied and worked in Bangkok before moving down to Koh Tao over 10 years ago where I live with my family.

I love Thai food and I love cooking, I discovered my love for teaching people to make Thai food here whilst helping a friend with their cooking classes on Koh Tao.  I realised that I really enjoyed teaching people how to cook authentic Thai food like Pad Thai, Spring rolls and their favourite Thai curries like Massaman curry, Green curry or Phanaeng curry also known as Panang curry.  So I decided to open my own Thai cooking school and do something that I loved doing and now I don't feel like I'm going to work anymore. 

Thai Dish Menu options


 Cooking Courses on Ko Tao

Classic Thai Veg Spring Rolls When you come to take a Thai cooking class on Koh Tao with me you will learn to make three different dishes.  All of the dishes can be made as vegetarian or vegan options in my cooking classes, that's no problem.  Just let me know in advance and I can ensure that you have the required ingredients.  If you also have any allergies then just let me know and I can adjust recipes accordingly.

You can see the different Thai food dish options that are available to cook on the Cooking Course Menu page.



For my group/standard Thai cooking class on Koh Tao when you book in whoever books in first for a particular class gets to pick the menu for the whole class to make.  When you enquire you can check if the menu for a particular class has already been set and if it has and it's not what you wanted to make then you can see when there is a class that doesn't have the menu set yet available.  Below are upcoming classes which already have the menus set so you can see what we'll be cooking.

I do also offer the option to book in private cooking class here on Koh Tao too which guarantees you get to choose the menu.



 Online Thai Cooking Class

Online Thai Cooking Course1

You can also take an online cooking course with me and for that, all you need to have is a device with a camera, be it a computer, laptop, tablet or even a smartphone to use.  I have two cameras set up here so that you can see me preparing each dish and another camera so you can see me as I am explaining to you what to do as I am doing it.  You can see more details by clicking on the following link about taking an online Thai Cooking Class I offer or via the main menu.

I hope to see you soon to learn to cook some of your favourite Thai foods here at my Thai home cooking class on Koh Tao, if you have any questions or would like to book in then contact me either via the WhatsApp or Messenger links on this page or via the contact page and I'll be happy to help.

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