Bananas in Coconut Milk: Thai Sweet Treat

Banana with Coconut Milk

Bananas with coconut milk is a Thai dessert. The main components of bananas in coconut milk are bananas and coconut milk unsurprisingly.  In the olden days, Thai people used coconut flesh as a food ingredient for this dish.  Currently, bananas can be used instead. In the past, northeastern people used to make bananas for eating in the family after agricultural work. Farming tirelessly using raw materials from bananas in their own homes. In addition, a Buddha amulet was brought to make merit at the temple. Used to receive guests who come home. Housewarming or according to various traditions.


The History of Bananas in Coconut Milk


Bananas in coconut milk, also known as "Kluai Buat Chi," is a traditional Thai dessert believed to have originated in central Thailand. It is made by boiling sliced bananas in coconut milk and sugar and then served as a sweet and creamy dessert. The dish is thought to have originated as a way to use overripe bananas that could no longer be consumed fresh. Over time, it has become a popular dessert in Thai cuisine and is widely enjoyed in households and at special celebrations.



 Banana in Coconut Milk


Ingredients you will need if you are taking an online class

● 3-4 Bananas which are just starting to turn yellow
● 250 ml coconut milk
● 1/2 cup sugar
● 1 teaspoon salt
● Water