Stir-Fried Morning Glory: Thai Veggie Delight

Learn How To Make Stir-Fried Morning Glory

The Morning Glory used for this dish is Ipomoea aquatica, also known as Water Morning Glory or Water Spinach. It is very popular in SE Asian countries as a side or main dish. In most states of the US, it is prohibited to
cultivate since it is regarded as a pest but in Texas, it is allowed to be grown for personal consumption due to its undeniable culinary potential. This is nothing to worry about since consumption is not illegal. Water Morning Glory is now available all over the world in your favourite Asian grocery shop.

Morning Glory (Convolvulaceae) is found in the tropics. It is a vegetable popular among locals in countries such as Thailand, Vietnam, Cambodia, Malaysia and Ghana. There are 3 varieties of Morning glory that Thai people like to cook, which are Thai morning glory, morning glory and rice morning glory. The Thai morning glory is often grown in water because it grows better than on land. The Chinese morning glory is grown in the soil because it needs more nutrients from the soil.

Stir-Fried Morning Glory is a must for a Thai cooking class menu, anyone who has been backpacking around South East Asia will have come across this dish numerous times and will no doubt have loved it.



The History of Stir-Fried Morning Glory

Stir-Fried Morning Glory, also known as "pad pak boong" in Thai, is a traditional dish originating from Thai cuisine. It is believed to have originated in the rural areas of Thailand where the morning glory plant grows in abundance. The dish is made by stir-frying sliced morning glory with garlic, chilli, soy sauce, and oyster sauce. Over time, it became a popular street food dish in Thailand and is now widely available in Thai restaurants around the world. It is considered a healthy dish as morning glory is a low-calorie vegetable and is high in fibre and antioxidants.


 Stir Fried Morning Glory


Ingredients you will need if you are taking an online class

● Morning glory
● Garlic
● Chilly optional, only if you like it a bit spicy
● Oyster sauce
● Soybean paste or Salted Soybean
● Sugar
● Water
● Cooking oil