Spring Rolls

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Spring rolls are Chinese food originally. Made from thin strips of flour in which can be wrapped bean sprSpring rollsouts, boiled pork, or Chinese sausage, boiled tofu and cucumber slices, topped with a thick, sweet, salty flavoured sauce, topped with crab meat and shredded eggs. Fresh spring rolls, which use spring roll wrapper with a filling consisting of vermicelli, bean sprouts, chicken or minced pork, etc. that are boiled, with fresh vegetables such as basil, mint, and sweet, clear sauce.

I will show you how to make tasty and easy to make spring rolls they are great as a starter or finger food for a party. The recipe can also be modified and use a variety of different fillings.

Nutritional value Fried spring rolls aren’t as unhealthy as you may think as 1 spring roll generally provides 39 kilocalories of energy, but depending on the ingredients of the filling, which are popular with vermicelli, cabbage, minced pork and mushroom. There are also various fresh vegetables inside such as basil, cabbage that provide vitamins and fiber, but when frying the spring rolls it is important to ensure that the oil is hot enough so that the spring rolls do not absorb too much oil.





  1. Defrost the spring roll sheets (pastry)
  2. Cut all the vegetables
  3. Heat oil in a pan add garlic cook until you can smell it
  4. Add all the vegetables and stir fry them for a short time
  5. Add glass noodles then add soy sauce on top of noodles, sugar, black ground pepper, oyster sauce and stir until glass noodles are cooked
  6. Add spring onion and turn o the heat. Put aside at let cool down
  7. Take the spring roll sheets out and start wrapping them like you learned how to in the cooking class. Use egg white for closing the spring rolls. 8. Put oil in the pan and heat to deep fry the spring rolls. Cook until nicely golden and take out from hot oil somewhere to let the excess oil drain out before serving.
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Ingredients List
● Spring roll sheets frozen
● Cabbage cut into shreds
● Carrot cut into shreds
● Bean sprouts
● Pumpkin cut into pieces
● Sweet potato cut into pieces
● Cooking oil