No Name

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No Name is little vegetable fritters may have started life as leftovers, but they are very tasty in a bubble-and-squeak or pakora sort of way, great as snacks or starters.  They're made of chopped vegetables battered and deep-fried. They are called No Name apparently because they were made in times of poverty out of whatever scraps were around. They were never given a name because they were made out of necessity and no one expected them to appear on a menu in a restaurant.   Parawan’s Thai home cooking class suggests some popular ingredients to use, but you can experiment with any scraps you have at hand. They also work as well with minced meat like pork, chicken and as a more sophisticated variety with prawns.  This snack is usually served with some tomatoes and lettuce. As a sauce, you are usually given sweet chilly sauce which accompanies spring rolls when ordered in a restaurant. The curry paste to use on these foods can be Red curry paste (spicier) or Panang curry paste.

This is a vegetarian dish and my recipe for this has a bit of spice added in with the vegetables